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Buying a dinghy can be a significant financial investment and it is important to ensure that you can compare dinghy insurance quotes so that you can get the best price for the insurance cover you need.

Dinghy insurance is a specialist class of insurance which most of the big brand insurance companies won't insure and we aim to help you compare quotes from leading insurance providers.

Key Elements of Dinghy Insurance Cover

When you are looking to compare dinghy insurance quotes, there are some key elements of cover to look out for when making your choice of insurance provider:

  • Comprehensive Cover – where possible you should try and insure your dinghy for “comprehensive” cover which includes insurance for accidental damage, theft and malicious damage/vandalism
  • Theft Cover – check whether your quote provides cover
  • Third Party Liability Insurance – you should obtain a minimum of £1m Third Party Liability insurance for your dinghy to ensure you have adequate insurance cover in the event of injury to a third party or damage to their property whilst you are using your dinghy
  • Racing – if you plan to go racing in your dinghy ensure you declare this when obtaining your quote as it may affect your quotation plus look for ‘new for old’ cover on mast and sails
  • Territorial Limits – check that your quote covers all of the territorial waters that you plan to sail in
Save Money on Dinghy Insurance

If you are looking for cheap dinghy insurance quotes then there are a number of ways you can save money on your policy:

  • Excess - opting for a higher excess will save you money on your insurance quote
  • Manufacturer - dinghy insurance quotes can also depend upon the make of dinghy e.g. some insurers offer discounts for specific makes of dinghy and so you may want to obtain insurance quotes before buying your dinghy
  • Qualifications - insurers will generally also offer cheaper quotes if you have a relevant qualification
  • No Claims Bonus - you can also receive a discount on your dinghy insurance quote for more than one year's claim free boating